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We are deeply grateful to many who have helped us throughout the years in our research, teaching, testing, and learning.

First, our appreciation to our families for your influence on us. Thanks for the love and support that has changed us, inspired us, and enabled us. Thank you particularly for your sacrifice and patience when we were far from home—or at home, but overly focused, head down over a keyboard.

Second, thanks to our colleagues, associates, and team members at VitalSmarts who help in hundreds of ways—working to achieve our mission, serving customers, training the skills to help change lives, and supporting one another with care, loyalty, and competence. To all (all is now a large number) we say thanks. Highlighting just a few is tough, but necessary. So an additional thanks to James Allred, Terry Brown, Mike Carter, Jeff Gibbs, Jeff Johnson, Lance Garvin, Justin Hale, Emily Hoffman, Todd King, Brittney Maxfield, Mary McChesney, John Minert, David Nelson, Stacy Nelson, Rich Rusick, Andy Shimberg, Joanne Staheli, Yan Wang, Steve Willis, Mike Wilson, Paul Yoachum, and Rob Youngberg.

Third, a special thanks to Bob Foote, Chase McMillan, and Mindy Waite, who continuously provided us with extraordinary logistical support, attention to detail, and insight.

And fourth, we’re overwhelmingly grateful to our friends and partners across the planet who have turned these ideas from an interesting read into a global force for positive change. We are inspired by the soul and skill they bring to our cooperative effort.

Thanks to our U.S. associates who are gifted teachers and powerful influencers:

  • Doug Finton

  • Ilayne Geller

  • Tamara Kerr

  • Jim Mahan

  • Jim Munoa

  • Kurt Southam

  • Larry Peters

  • Margie Mauldin

  • Mike Quinlan

  • Murray Low

  • Neil Staker

  • Paul McMurray

  • Richard Lee

  • Shirley Poertner

  • Simon Lia

And finally we express gratitude to the partners and friends who have supported our work around the globe:

  • Australia—Geoff Flemming and Grant Donovan

  • Brazil—Josmar Arrais

  • China—Jenny Xu

  • Egypt—Hisham El Bakry

  • France—Cathia Birac and Dagmar Doring

  • India—Yogesh Sood

  • Indonesia—Nugroho Supangat

  • Italy—Giovanni Verrecchia

  • Malaysia—V. Sitham

  • Netherlands—Sander van Eijnsbergen and Willeke Kremer

  • Poland—Marek Choim

  • Singapore—James Chan

  • South Africa—Helene Vermaak and Jay Owens

  • South Korea—Ken Gimm

  • Switzerland—Arturo Nicora

  • Thailand—TP Lim

  • U.K.—Grahame Robb and Richard Pound

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