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“Over nearly 2 decades, Massachusetts General Hospital has created and institutionalized a narrative culture to enhance patient care. Using the narrative as foundation and turning the lens on the professional self, the approach helps clinicians better understand and articulate their own practice areas and those of their team members. It provides a pathway for professional development and more reflexive clinical practice, decision making, and ethical reasoning.”

– Elizabeth J. Clark, PhD, MSW, MPH

President, Start Smart Career Center

Formerly CEO, National Association of Social Workers

“Our narratives about ourselves shape and reveal who we are. Fostering Clinical Success shows how narratives shape clinical practice for the better. Filled with real clinical narratives, this book is a manual for how to improve the practice of individual clinicians and how to incorporate narratives into the hospital work culture. It’s a great guide for anyone wanting to foster every clinician’s best work.”

– Jacqueline Hinckley, PhD, CCC-SLP

Author, Narrative-Based Practice in Speech-Language Pathology

“This is a timely and powerful book that provides clinicians, administrators, and educators a road map for transforming our workplace. We know the use of narrative helps practitioners uncover the complexities of practice, the values in tension, and the lived experience of patients. The demand for practitioners who are ‘collaboration ready’ requires the highest level of critical self-reflection and moral grounding. Fostering Clinical Success gives us a structure with explicit strategies for facilitating and transforming our workplace.”

– Gail M. Jensen, PhD, PT, FAPTA

Dean, Graduate School and Vice Provost for Learning and Assessment

Faculty Associate, Center for Health Policy and Ethics, Creighton University

Fostering Clinical Success depicts a powerful teaching approach for contemporary healthcare teams that uses a rich array of narratives to help every person on the interprofessional team, including the patient, understand ways of building better communication strategies, better partnerships, better teams, and better team care. The authors use the levels of practice in the MGH clinical model that describe Entry-Level Clinicians, Clinicians, Advanced Clinicians, and Clinical Scholars to help us understand how we think and analyze, given individuals’ expertise and where they are in their continuum of practice. The stories are at once both intense and intimate. I highly recommend this book for any health-professions teacher who wants to ensure excellence in the preparation of students for the complexities of today’s clinical arena. The authors are world-renowned clinical scholars who have done a beautiful job weaving their own important narratives into what has culminated in a remarkable textbook.”

–Terry Fulmer, PhD, RN, FAAN

University Distinguished Professor and Dean, Bouve College of Health Sciences

Professor, College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Northeastern University

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