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The second edition of this book, like the first, has come to fruition through the assistance, dedication, and support of many individuals. We would like to acknowledge the help of all the people involved in this edition. First, we want to individually thank chapter authors, both new and returning, for their contributions. We extend our sincere appreciation for your willingness to contribute your time and expertise to this text. Second, we would like to express our gratitude to the many colleagues, friends, and family members who provided at times much-needed encouragement during the creation of this second edition. Thank you to all who provided support, talked things over, listened when we needed someone to hear, read, wrote, and encouraged us in spite of all the time it took us away from you. Each of you contributed to our success in ways too numerous to list here.

We also wish to acknowledge and thank those at Sigma Theta Tau International for their guidance, creativity, and patience in again making our vision a reality. You are awesome!

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