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AIDET is an evidence-based communication model that provides a framework for communication with patients, families, and other healthcare providers. AIDET stands for:

  • Acknowledge

  • Introduce

  • Duration

  • Explanation

  • Thank you

This model is designed specifically to help gain the trust of others.

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Personalize It


Make patients and families feel welcome (for example, smile).

Make patients and families feel comfortable (for example, assess your body language).

Ask permission to enter a room.


Introduce yourself:


Years of experience/employment:

Special training:

Introduce others:


Years of experience/employment:

Special training:


Say how long the process, test, procedure, etc. will take.

Say when results will be back or when medications are due.

Say when the provider or nurse will arrive.

Say how long the referral process takes.

Say how long it will be before a physical assessment can be completed.


Explain the procedure or process and how the patient will obtain results.

Explain what will take place using terms the patient and family can understand.

Explain who is involved in providing the patient’s care.

Explain whether the process will cause pain or discomfort.

Explain what will happen after the procedure is completed.

Explain any post-procedure requirements.

Offer to answer any questions, respond to concerns, or resolve any complaints.

Note whether any equipment being used makes noise.

Explain why you move patients (for example, to prevent pressure ulcers).

Explain why patients have food restrictions.

Explain why you are closing the curtain or door (to ensure privacy).

Thank you

Tell patients you appreciate them and enjoyed working with them.

Thank the family for entrusting you with the care of their loved one.

Ask whether the patient or family has any final questions or concerns.

Adapted from the book Hardwiring Excellence: Purpose, Worthwhile Work, Making a Difference, by Quint Studer.

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