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Successful leaders, like all of us, have only one life in which to share their wisdom, experience, and knowledge. Books, particularly textbooks, have a tendency to fade away, although they are often quoted in scholarly papers. During that one lifetime authentic leaders have the accountability—not just the responsibility—to assure continuity of knowledge for those who come after. Kathy Malloch and Tim Porter-O’Grady have captured the essence of critical leadership functions: the transference of knowledge and succession management.

Malloch and Porter-O’Grady’s outstanding work in integrating innovation, evidence-based practice (EBP), and succession planning is nothing less than brilliant. Their commitment to sharing, mentoring, and coaching and assuring that their work and the work of others lives on is outstanding. Individual authors share different perspectives while recognizing that nurses share their knowledge about patients skillfully and have the innate ability to share their wisdom as well. The well-thought-out concern about many current leaders who are retiring and the need for them to share as well cannot be overstated.

Meaningful communication is one of the critical foundations of professionalism. In these hectic times of transition, it is more important than ever that our wisdom leaders share.

The continuing remarkable work that is done by Malloch and Porter-O’Grady will live on. This amazing book assures that the work they have contributed to nursing and healthcare will not be overlooked. This exceptional book has so much to offer that an afterword cannot do it justice.

–Roxane Spitzer, PHD, RN, MBA, MA, FAAN
Editor in Chief, Nurse Leader
Vice President, Strategy, OnSomble

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